Test Drive

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Test Drive
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Location San Fierro
Reward $5000, Respect, Elegy and Sultan in Wang Cars
Unlocks Customs Fast Track
Unlocked by Zeroing In

Test Drive is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given by Cesar Vialpando to protagonist Carl Johnson. Collect this mission anytime at the Doherty Garage.


Cesar has found two more cars on the wishlist. They can be found at Otto's Autos at the Downtown/Esplanade East area.


Go with Cesar to Otto's Autos and steal the cars. Drive through the glass and stay close to Cesar (who is driving an Elegy) as you head back towards the garage. You have to trigger the vehicle's (a Sultan) nitrous along the way in order to keep up with him. Soon after the cops are on your tail. Follow Cesar's instructions and make your way back to the garage in Doherty.