The Clymenus Suite

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The Clymenus Suite is a Safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories you will be able to use after you complete the mission From Zero to Hero.


After ripping off Jerry Martinez of a large amount of his cocaine, Lance Vance, confident that they were finally rich, bought a fancy apartment for himself in Ocean Beach, and a suite in Vice Point for Vic. The suite will be found to be superior to both the Viceport and Little Haiti safehouses, holding more room to walk around, including two floors, a large window you where you can see out of (and shoot sniper shots out of), and it even has a roof with two helicopter pads, one of which you could buy a Little Willie helicopter for $5000, and later a Bovver '64 Hovercraft for $4500 at the dock. The garage can store up to three vehicles.

Points of Interest

  • Fairground
  • Empire Site just north of Safehouse
  • Empire Site just south of Chunder Wheel
  • Turismo race event sign-up in Fairground