The Fastest Boat

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The Fastest boat is a mission for Diaz that involes stealing a boat with the same name.

The Mission

The mission starts with Diaz angry over his T.V. Tommy walks in and Diaz gives him the mission.After gettng briefed Tommy leaves for the boat yard.Upon arriing he sees that the road to the boat is heavily guarded.Never the less he fights his way to the boat and gets it down from it`s holding.Once the player enters the boat they recive a 3 star wanted level.The missions ends when the boat arrives at Diaz`s mansion.

The Boat

The boat itself is drivable during only 2 missions.The firt being the Fastest Boat and the next being when Tommy and Lance race to a boat to get drugs.The mission then countiues with Lance driving the boat while Tommy kills the following boats and helicopter.