The Green Sabre

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The Green Sabre is the final Los Santos Mission before moving on to the Badlands missions. It is after Reuniting the families and before First Date.


The mission begins in Sweet's house. He decides to finally get back at the Ballas. He orders everyone to get heated, and meet him under the Mulholland Intersection. CJ leaves the house, and Cesar calls. He says that its very important, and that it must be seen now. CJ drives to meet Cesar under the freeway northside of Verdant Bluffs. He steps inside a hideen car with tented windows. Cesar and CJ look across the street, as some Ballas exit a garage, followed by Ryder and Smoke, and finally Officer Tenpenny. Pulaski reverses the green sabre out of the garage. Yes, the same green sabre that was used to attack Grove Street when CJ's mother was killed. Suddenly, CJ remembers about Sweet and orders Cesar to get Kendl to a safe place. CJ Races over to the underside of the Mulholland Intersection before Sweet and the homies are killed.