The Guns of Leone


Toni drops by Paulie's Revue Bar and gets a phone call from O'Toole. O'Toole informs Toni that an irate Salvatore is personally heading toward the bar to kill every Sindacco gang member he can find following a Sindacco attempt on his life. O'Toole informs Toni that he's left a sniper rifle on the roof opposite the club.

As Toni gets to the roof and takes the sniper rifle, Salvatore arrives with two Leone bodyguards, with the aim of pushing towards Paulie's Revue Bar. The player is required to kill scores of attacking Sindacco mobsters, protecting Salvatore as much as possible, to the point the gunfight attracts the attention of the police. Eventually, Salvatore reaches the back of the club, killing another Sindacco mobster, before entering the club and taking over the Sindacco-owned premise. The mission ends at this point.


Joseph Daniel O'Toole (telephone): Thank God! Toni.

Toni Cipriani: JD? Hey, I'm at the back of...

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: I know. I saw you go in. I've been praying you'd turn up! Salvatore's gone ape-shit! He's coming down here personally, to kill every Sindacco he can find. I took a hike. Look, I've put a sniper rifle on the roof across the street. Make sure no harm comes to Salvatore.

(Camera moves to a Sindacco gang member)

Sindacco: Hey... Someone dropped a dollar!

(Sindacco gang member gets run over by a car containing Salvatore and his men)

(Salvatore and his men begin shooting at opposing Sindacco gang members)

Salvatore Leone: Is that the best you got?

(Salvatore continues to shoot at Sindacco gang members)

Salvatore Leone: You fight like pussies!

(Salvatore continues to shoot at Sindacco gang members)

Salvatore Leone: Oh, you want some!


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000 and the mission "Calm Before the Storm" for Joseph Daniel O'Toole; the Red Light District will also fall under the control of the Leones. As a consequence of the mission, the Leones have seized control of Paulie's Revue Bar, resulting in the club receiving a makeover as it is under new ownership (eventually leading to the club being being renamed Luigi's Sex Club 7). And as a result, the Sindaccos are completely removed from Portland.


  • Despite being supplied with a sniper rifle, the player could, alternately, jump down the roof and confront the Sindacco Family mobsters closer using more conventional weapons.
  • In the beginning of the mission Salvatore Leone uses a black Sentinel to run over one of the Sindaccos, however, after the cutscene, the car turns into a Leone Sentinel. Evidence that the car being used in the cutscene is a Sentinel is that the Sentinel had a grey bumper while the Leone Sentinel has a black one.
  • The name of the mission is likely a play on the film The Guns of Navarone.
  • In most of the mission, Salvatore is equipped with a Micro SMG, however in the cutscene at the end he is equipped with a Shotgun.
  • This mission is ironically similar to Sayonara Salvatore, where Toni is standing on the same rooftop where Claude later kills Salvatore, also armed with a sniper rifle.


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