The Journey

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The Journey is an ambient/chillout radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.



The station is unusual in its choice of DJ, "a computer" (as credited by both the end-game credits and manual) which speaks in a synthesized voice of a female. Often times, the lines delivered by the computer are seemingly philosophical, but appear to be more nonsensical, if not meaningless. The computer DJ often talks about the subject "Life is actually a game" and other similar topics talking about the relationship between computers and life - and this is an obvious reference to the player being in the 'world' of Grand Theft Auto, and some of the things the presenter says may be Rockstar joking, suggesting that the player should interact with the real world too, not just GTA.

This genre of music is the first of its kind to appear in a Grand Theft Auto game, and listeners will recognize the track "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass, which was played in the first GTA IV trailer.

The Journey is replaced with Self-Actualization FM in the Episodes from Liberty City version of The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.



  • The imaging voices of the station are provided by one Alexandra Williamson, the only known human voice actor for the station.
  • A Macintosh computer was used to produce the voice of the computer DJ of "The Journey"; which is evidenced as the "Vicki" voice from Apple's PlainTalk speech software can be heard as the voice of the computerized DJ. It is the first time text-to-speech software was used in the Grand Theft Auto series. This also implies that the creator of the station used a Fruit computer as the DJ.

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