The Made Man

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The Made Man' is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories done by protagonist 

Toni Cipriani. It involves driving Joseph Daniel O'Toole to his "made" ceremony escorted by Mickey Hamfists.


Toni hears that JD has inform him that he is going to be "made" into a Leone member and he is excited for the ceremony he has been waiting for years. They both get in Mickey Hamfists car with Toni driving to the ceremony. While JD chattly talks about his miserble life with the Sindacco's, Sindacco hitmen try to hit the car. Toni kills them immediately and contiues to drive to where the ceremony would be held, the car crushing site. Just after they stop at their destination, Mickey pulls out a pistol and shoots JD in the back of the head killing him.

Getting out of the car, Mickey says it was Salvatore's orders to kill JD and tells Toni to drive him home and dump the car in the river (player could choose wherever they want to dump the car as long as its in the water). Toni drives Mickey home and afterwards dumps the car with JD into his watery grave.