The Panopticon

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The Panopticon.

This mysterious area is a logging cult where many workers worked chopping down trees and sending them to the sawmill but many had stupid accidents and their blood injuries are fadely seen in the dark cabins. Weapons found here are a shovel and a chanisaw. Vehicles here include a Vortex, Glendale "Ghost car" car and a random car that will appear at the front of the area like a freeway or sadler. Some time after the games release people reported to have seen the legendary 'Leatherface' who is a killer with a chainsaw from the film The texas chainsaw massacre. He has proven to be almost the best myth to hit the game and has attracted extreme intrest into finding this maniac. No real evidence has been found but modded PC version videos are seen on the youtube site. He has had similar locations like Shady creeks. People say he is the rural ped who walks very slowly, has no hair, is a killer farmer and is known as Zombie ped because of his evil and messed up face. Many videos are modded with him being the killer so people go into further investigation. The Panopticon is most scary at night with fog or rain and strangely cut trees are found there as if someone had stepped on them--bigfootD. Cheats to feel like your in a real scary location= Type in- FOGGY WEATHER, RAINY WEATHER, 00:00 TIME ALL THE TIME, UNLIMITED HEALTH. If you are afraid this killer is real and might scare you too much, stay on a jetpack, or keep CJ in one of the cabins, switch that TV off and about 20-25 mins later turn it back on and see if he is at the hospital. Anyway the area is very nice to stay at and has a relaxing and peaceful fel to it. Rarely a tractor can be seen leaving the panopticon area, but its just a ped from the countryside. For more infomation on Leatherface, go to his page.