This Shit's Cursed

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After starting this mission, like usual, you'll witness a cutscene. Turns out The Angels of Death were in league with Chinese drug kingpins and the heroin The Lost just stole ultimately belonged to the latter, the insanely strong Chinese drug kings. Through the cutscene you see that Jim and Johnny finally talk some sense into Billy and convince him into agreeing that getting rid of the heroin as quick as possible is the best route, as the AOD, Chinese and law enforcement are highly involved. During the slow ride, Lost MC members discuss the current happenings and Johnny rejuvenates. After a while, Billy announces yet another random race to the destination (in southern Algonquin), which you win. On the scene, Billy and the lapdog Brian say they'll be hanging behind to oversee the deal, much to the chagrin of Johnny. Johnny and Jim will physically go in and make the trade off. The plan is to make the Chinese drug thugs pay the Lost MC a lesser rate for the heroin in order to buy it back from them, then they can flip it for more money after.

Unfortunate for the plan, the Chinese thugs see no point in paying for something they made and they worked hard to smuggle into the country, and thus a large gunfight ensues with Johnny and Jim trapped inside the building with Billy and Brian on the outside. After the gun battles, the cops were obviously alerted. Johnny and Jim manage to clear the building and get to a second-floor overlook of the street. From this vantage point they see Billy Grey, president of the Lost MC, getting busted by the cops. In a shouting fit before being busted, Billy expresses his opinion that Johnny set him up, due to his backing of this plan and how they haven't been getting along lately. After the takedown, Billy's lapdog, Brian, calls Johnny on his cell phone and tells him to meet him around back where the bikes are. When Johnny and Jim hook up with Brian, the three ride back to the clubhouse. Seeing as how Billy's been busted and you're vice president, you now lead the pack instead of following behind the leader. Once back at the clubhouse, Brian makes sure to let you and the others know he firmly believes you sold Billy out to the cops to gain president status, and he leaves talking shit. With that, the mission concludes.