Toshiko Kasen

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Toshiko Kasen is the beautiful and noble wife of Yakuza head Kazuki Kasen, and also the sister-in-law of Asuka and Kenji Kasen.

She is terribly neglected by her husband who much prefers the company of his Yakuza soldiers. Because of this, Toshiko wants Kazuki killed, but only after he and his Yakuza suffer great humiliation. She hires Toni to do this. However, after Toni kills Kazuki, Toshiko only feels immense grief and remorse. She then commits suicide by purposely falling backwards out of her apartment window, several stories high. It was presumed that she had a mild attraction to Toni, even inviting him to a date at an opera house, where both were promptly attacked by racially-biased mobsters.

Toshiko Kasen's voice was provided by Hana Moon.