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Towing refers to an ability in Grand Theft Auto games to tow or pull an object, specifically a trailer or vehicle, using another vehicle. This ability was first made possible in Grand Theft Auto 2, when semi-trailer trucks possess the ability to pull trailers, but only one game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, similarly offers such a feature.


Attachments with trailers simply require the player reverse their truck into the front of a trailer until the camera readjusts itself to center on both the truck and the trailer, confirming the coupling is complete. When pulling a trailer, the truck will possess even poorer performance due to the need to pull extra weight, especially with regards with steering as the vehicle is now longer.


File:GTA 2 Semi-Truck.png
A Truck Cab pulling a flat bed Transporter trailer in GTA 2.

In GTA 2, the Truck Cab and the Truck Cab SX represent the game's only two semi-trailer trucks, and are also the only vehicles in GTA 2 capable of attaching to and pulling trailers. After a trailer is attached to a truck, the trailer cannot be detached.

The game features three forms of trailers:

  • Container, a container trailer.
  • Tanker, a tanker trailer for liquid loads.
  • Transporter, a flat bed trailer, some of which may carry actual vehicles.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is the only game after GTA 2 to reintroduced the ability to pull loads. The game mechanics of attaching to and pulling a trailer is roughly the same as in GTA 2, but trailers may decouple from a vehicle if physical force (i.e. jackknifing, dislodging due to rough terrains or jumps, excessive speed, etc.) is applied.

Along with the game's three semi-trailer trucks (the Linerunner, Tanker and Roadtrain), the game also introduces a different range of vehicles with roughly the same capability, including:

  • The Tow Truck, which employs an adjustable boom at the back to pull any large vehicle.
  • The Tractor, which uses an adjustable tow hitch to pull smaller hauls or large vehicles.
  • The Utility Van, Baggage and Tug, which feature a stationary tow hitch to pull smaller hauls.

The trailers themselves consist of a wider range of items, some of which are no available unless they are spawned using a third-party trailer.


  • Articulated Trailer, a trailer designed to carry solid loads. The trailer is available in three forms, two fully covered and one hopper.
  • Tanker Trailer, a fuel tank trailer featuring Xoomer livery.

Specialized trailers

  • Farm Trailer, a plow intended to be pulled by a Tractor.
  • Utility Trailer, an unspecified utility trailer mostly likely intended for the Utility Van.
  • Tug Stairs, a mobile staircase commonly found in airports, and intended for the Baggage and Tug.
  • Baggage Box, a luggage box (available open or closed) commonly found in airports, and intended for the Baggage and Tug.