Triad 1

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A Triad Boss with his own Triad group. It is unknown if his organisation is affiliated with the other big organisations, the Jaoming, Lee and Ming Families. The Triad Boss was about to open a new club, and Rocco Pelosi wanted to have a drinking license for when he would be in the club. At about the same time, The Lost robbed the Angels of Death off some coke, and the Triad boss said that it was rightfully his. The Lost's Vice President Johnny Klebitz wanted to give the coke back to them, much to the disaproval of President Billy Grey. After this, Billy wanted to get rid of Johnny and met with the Triad boss, setting up a deal to give them the coke, and having the Triads kill Johnny. After Billy left from the meeting, Tony Prince and Luis Lopez met with the Triad to get Rocco's drinking license, which he didn't want to give. The Triad left and left his goons to kill of Tony and Luis, which they failed to do.

After that meeting, the deal between the Triad and Johnny, accompanied by Jim Fitzgerald, took place. The Triad kept his word and attacked Johnny, though he quickly got killed.