Trojan Voodoo

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The mission Trojan Voodoo is the fourth and final mission for the Cubans in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


After completing the mission Naval Engagement and the Haitian mission strands, Tommy Vercetti returns to the Café Robina. After a cutscene showing Umberto being "given a cup of coffee", he tells Tommy of his plan to end the gang war and defeat the Haitians. He plans to have some of his Cubans enter the factory and use the drug solvent as an explosive, destroying their drugs and killing many of the Haitian gang members. Tommy then, along with Pepe, steals a Haitian Voodoo gangcar and meets up with Rico and several other Cubans, all also in Haitian Voodoos. Then then proceed to enter the compound, drving past several unsuspecting Haitians. The Cubans then launch their attack, killing several Haitians and entering the factory. Tommy plants severla explosives at three different spots in the factory, killing several more Haitians that are inside. Once the first bomb is planted, a timer starts and does not restart once the other two bombs are planted. After the third bomb is planted, Tommy yells "RUN!!!" and leads the Haitians away from the factory, to a set of stairs on a nearby building, and to the rooftop, where they watch the Haitian factory explode. Afterwords, Tommy recieves a phone call from Umberto, calling him Cuban and a "real man with big cojones."