Truck Hustle

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After a cutscene, you are to head to an alley beside Long John Avenue. When you arrive and walk into the yellow arrow, another cutscene engages. You are givin instruction to steal a truck which is a Mule. You are then thrown into a shootout. Your cover looks to be short brick wall. The shootout is the only way to obtain the truck. As you cannot sneak and steal the truck. It is best to have Body Armour on. Some of the goons have powerful weapons. As you progress throgh the deadly shootout, eventually a guy starts up the truck. After killing most of the remaining goons, a yellow arrow pops up behind the truck. You are required to put away your heavy weapon if you have one and run after the truck. The truck is going slow enough to catch up to it. When you do reach the back of the truck, a short cutscene shows Niko grabing on to the moving truck. Tap A or X repeatedly to climb onto the roof of the truck. Once on, the truck will start driving wrecklessly. If you do fall of the trucks' roof, tap A or X to climb back on. Make your way to the front of the truck. And when you do, yet another cutscene will engage automatically. The cutscene shows Niko smash the window and climb into the passenger seat. The driver pulls a gun and starts shooting. Niko grabs hold of the gun and points it at the drivers head, and BANG! he's dead. The driver will fall out the drivers seat and on onto the ground. You can get out and take his gun if you want. After you take control of the truck, a phonecall to Phill Bell will engage. You are instructed to drive the truck to the Old Mansion in Northern Alderney. When you arrive a cutscene engages. And, there you have it, you have completed another mission, and you are $11,000 richer!