Unknowing the Truth

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Unknowing the Truth
Game GTA V
For Epsilon Program
Target Epsilon Program money
Location Vinewood
Fail The Tailgater is destroyed
Fail to follow the security team to the helicopter
Reward "Kifflom!" achievement/trophy
$2,100,000 OR a rusty Tractor
Unlocked by Exercising the Truth

Unknowing the Truth is a Strangers and Freaks mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given to Michael De Santa by the Epsilon Program.


After Michael completes his pilgrimage in the Grand Senora Desert, Cris Formage calls him to tell Michael to meet him at the Epsilon Program's headquarters in Vinewood. When Michael arrives at the center, Formage greets him personally and takes a $50,000 donation from Michael. Formage wants Michael to take the apocalypse money, which is being loaded into a Tailgater sedan, to a helicopter so that it can be taken to the Cayman Islands.

Michael then follows the security team's SUV to the rendezvous point. Once Michael reaches the helicopter, he can either deliver the money or double cross the Epsilon Program and take the money for himself. If Michael chooses to deliver the money, he is rewarded with a rusty Tractor. If Michael decides to take the money, then the Epsilon security team begins to attack Michael. After wiping out the Epsilon Program personnel and escaping from the police, Michael receives $2,100,000 and an angry phone call from Formage.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Cult Intervention Wipe out the Epsilon security team.
Show me the Money Escape with the Epsilon Program's money.


Upon completion of the mission, the player unlocks the "Kifflom!" achievement/trophy. Depending on the player's actions, the player either receives a rusty Tractor for giving the money to the helicopter or $2,100,000 for double crossing the cult, resulting in a net profit of $2,009,500 for the Epsilon Program mission string.