Uptown Staunton

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View of Uptown Staunton in GTA III.

Uptown Staunton is the area north of Staunton Island, composed of Aspatria, Rockford, Liberty Campus and Fort Staunton, Staunton Island's more 'uptownish' area is comprised of mostly apartments.Panlantic Construction Company

Fort Staunton: Location of more of a residential area and a small park, Fort Staunton gets mostly blown up in Liberty City Stories. In GTA III, it has numerous construction sites all over the district, which are backed by the Panlantic Construction Company. It is also home to the Columbian Cartel that refuge in Staunton Island.

Rockford: Home to Carson General Hospital, the entrance to the Porter Tunnel and the Staunton Ferry Terminal (LC Stories), Rockford is the northernmost district in Staunton Island and home to some shops and buildings.

Liberty Campus: Stuck inside a 2 by 1 street grid, Liberty Campus is only composed of Liberty City Community College (Columbia University). Donald Love resides here.

Aspatria: The location of the Liberty City Memorial Stadium, some shops and buildings, and a scenic path along the shoreline, Aspatria is located north of the Shoreside Lift Bridge. It is home to Phil's Army Surplus, a weapons shop that sells army-type weapons.