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The Final Job!
Game GTA 2
For N/A
Target Trey Welsh, Elmo and Johnny Zoo
Location Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $

The Final Job! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2. The mission has no boss and takes place in the Downtown District of Anywhere City.



Guide: You did it! Follow the big pink marker to leave the Downtown District!

(Claude Speed begins to drive toward the final destination)

Guide: Well done, kid, you managed to piss off the Yakuza, Zaibatsu AND Loony Bosses and now they all want you dead.

(Claude kills Trey Welsh)

Guide: NICE! That takes care of the Zaibatsu Corporation!

(Claude drives into Loony territory and is followed by a Taxi)

Guide: That's the Loony Boss, Elmo! GET HIM!

(Claude kills Elmo)

Guide: DAM! That's lights out for the bonkers mad Loonies!

(Claude kills Johnny Zoo)

Guide: No! The Yakuza Brotherhood are orphans!

(After Claude kills Trey Welsh, Elmo and Johnny Zoo)

Guide: Shit, kid, you beat them all! Here's some advice - move on to the Residential District before the shit really hits the fan.


The reward for completing this mission is $

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