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Activity One

Brucie: The thing is Niko, there is something you don't understand about me bro.

Niko: Definitely true.

Brucie: I know it all seems straight forward - what you see is what you get. Ok?

Niko: No, trust me, it seems pretty weird.

Brucie: But underneath these rock hard abs and biceps of steel, lurks the beast, bro.

Niko: What?

Brucie: I'm a wild animal, man. I'm a raging torrent, bro.

Niko: Sure - my English not so good. Can you keep it simple?

Brucie: I'm an animal on fire. I'm crazy. Loco. Lunatic. Look, all I'm saying, man, don't unlock the forces you can't possibly understand. Capiche?

Niko: I'll try not to.