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Truck Hustle

Roman: Hello there. Behaving yourself are you, NB?

Niko: Always, Roman. As much as I can at least when I'm doing the bidding of these Alderney gangsters.

Roman: What're they like, NB? The gangsters?

Niko: I've been working for this guy, Phil Bell, at the moment. He's better than Ray Boccino. Paranoid about wire taps and helicopters but he seems legitimate.

Roman: He should be paranoid. The Feds are after organized crime in a big way. Stay disorganized would be my advice, Niko. Don't let them get you for racketeering.

Niko: I need to work with these guys. Hopefully they'll be able to find Darko Brevic for me. I can't think who else would. Speak to you soon, cousin.

I'll Take Her

Pegorino's Pride


Pest Control