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Gender Male
Date of Birth 4 April 1997
Age 16
Place of Birth America
Nationality Salvadoran
Home Los Santos
Vehicles Infernus
Biker Angel
Many more

Birthday: April 4th

About me: Not much really I know firearms somewhat and been playing GTA for a long time

Also about me:

  • Xbox Gamertag: SonsyDesert83 add me if you want mainly in MW3 but Im good for GTA IV, its episodes, Left 4 Dead 2 ,Dead Rising 2, Dead Island, MW2, and COD Black Ops II.
  • Favorite GTA weapons: All realistic ones not like the flamethrower, minigun, etc.
  • Favorite GTA feature: More realism the better


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16 This user is 16 years old
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SadakoYamamura-GTASA-myth.jpg This user wants to believe in myths
SadakoYamamura-GTASA-myth.jpg This user believes in myths
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800px-Flag of El Salvador.svg.png This user is proud to be El Salvadorian.
Aleksi zombies boxcover 600 600.jpg This user is prepared for zombies.
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