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  • Create articeles for every GTA 1/GTA 2/GTA London: 1969/GTA London: 1961 missions.
  • Add GTA 1/GTA 2/GTA London weapon locations to the weapons' pages (+body armour, health, bribe, free cards, statistics which are at the end etc.)
  • Improve GTA 1 era/GTA 2 (Spray, bomb) shops, locations, garages, wang cars, hospitals, police stations, docks, kill frenzies, gouranga, elvis, keep London tidy
  • Improve collectibles in all eras unique jumps, hidden packages (+lifes armours in III era games too!!)
  • Create missing Templates for shops, clothes, streets, bridges etc.
  • Lecserélni a lengyel képeket simára, felirat és fekete sáv nélkülire + GTA 2-ős hiányzó kocsiképeket fel + képlinkek javítgatása