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Mission: Reuniting the Families

Hi, I'm AK47bandit, and I made a major edit to the "Reuniting the Families" mission page yesterday. I understand that you wish to standardize and focus on the mission pages, and I also think this is a great idea!

Having a walkthrough for each mission and details about objectives and unlockables is essential for any mission page. However, this is mostly helpful for reguler players of the game, comparing mission details against one another, or people trying to go through the game for the first time.

I think that if a summary (written from a cinimatic viewpoint) of each mission would be included on each page, it would help show how the mission is important to the plot of the game. It would also be much more easily understood by people who have not had any experiance with the game firsthand. One of the awesome features of the game is how the story supports and compliments the gameplay. Also, I hope that this wiki could provide information and help introduce GTA to people who have never played the game and are just plain curious. But I also understand that you don't want pages that are too long, but I think that consice summmarys could be included without making pages uncomfortably large.

In conclusion, I hope that I can contribute to this wiki. I don't mean to intentionally hamper any of your efforts to organize mission pages, and I hope I can help in any way possible. Also, I would like to remark that this wiki is much cooler than the regular wikipedia!