Verdant Meadows

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Verdant Meadows

Verdant Meadows an abandoned airstrip in Bone County in GTA San Andreas that is in use from time to time for 'Black Budget' operations by different factions of the U.S. Government. It is the location of Flight School - in which participation is a compulsory part of the core storyline. CJ buys the Verdant Meadows Airstrip, which is abandoned and littered with fuselage corpses, when doing missions for Mike Toreno. There is a safehouse with a small garage on-site, and also a large hangar which acts as a garage to save aircraft in. While the hangar is very large, it can hold relatively few vehicles because it is not meant to serve as a storage for smaller road vehicles. The air strip is a quarter mile long, and about forty yards wide.

The landing strip can be used to land aircraft like the other airports, and when acquired it does show up as a landing strip. However, there is a no-fly zone to the south surrounding Area 69, flying over of which will result in a five star Wanted Level and surface to air missiles being fired at your aircraft.

By the end of the game, including completion of Flight School, several aircraft spawn at the airstrip, including a Hydra, Hunter, Leviathan, Rustler and Stunt Plane. A PCJ-600 and a jetpack also spawn near the watertower.


  • The word verdant in the name "Verdant Meadows" means "full of green vegetation" but the airstrip is the opposite.
  • Mike Toreno claims it previously belonged to Russians.