Vertical Bird

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Vertical Bird is a mission in San Andreas where CJ is required to steal Hydra from the East Naval Base .If not on this mission entering the naval base will give you an instant 5 star wanted level, but on this mission you don't get it the only security in the base is only 10 - 30 guards with M4 Carbines ,and a number of unarmed workers acompaning them ,(they usually trigger the alarm when CJ has been spotted). After you steel the jet and take of there are 4 other Hydra's which follow you and threated to shoot at you , but they don't at all they just follow you and you've got to destroy them .There are also 4 unarmed spyboats which you have to destroy , you then have to land the plane at the flying school landing strip and put it in a hanger.

Reward I : $50,000

Reward II : Respect

Reward III : The hydra in one of the hangers at the flying school .