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Street Races are a type of side mission available in GTA Vice City. They become available after the player purchases the Car Showroom. To start a race, go down into the lower part of the building. Stand in the pink cylinder and choose from up to six races. In order to enter a race the player must have sufficient funds. The six races are Terminal Velocity, Ocean Drive, Border Run, Capital Cruise, Tour!, and V.C. Endurance. Each one has a different fee to pay to take part in it. After winning each race the player will receive the money from each competitor. So if the entry fee is $200 and you win you get $800. Below is the entry fee and the reward for first place.

Terminal Velocity

  • Entry fee: $100
  • Reward: $400

Ocean Drive

  • Entry fee: $500
  • Reward: $2,000

Border Run

  • Entry fee: $1,000
  • Reward: $4,000

Capital Cruise

Entry fee: $2,000 Reward: $8,000


  • Entry fee: $5,000
  • Reward: $20,000

V.C. Endurance

  • Entry fee: $10,000
  • Reward: $40,000