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WCTR News is a show on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas radio station WCTR. The show is hosted by Lianne Forge. Another worker for the show is field correspondant Richard Burns. The show constantly reports the current events on San Andreas. The events it reports change as the story progresses and the player finishes more missions. Some of the things reported by the station are the events that take palce during some of the missions that the games' protagonsit, Carl Johnsson, performs, many of these events are either told from the perspective of the station, which fills in missing details with speculation or versions of the story which are deliverately altered to make the police look better. One example of this is that, after the mission Toreno's Last Flight, the show atributes de dismantling of the Loco Syndicate to an undercover police officer instead of Carl. Another common element of the show is "going to the field with Richard Bruns", the field correspondant, who reports events from the scene, but who constantly makes ridiculous comments or finds himself caught in the situation. An example is that, after mission Are You Going To san Fierro, when The Truth's marijuana fields are burnt down, Richard Burns goes to the scene to report on how many of the animals nearby were affected by the marijuana smoke, only to get intoxicated by it himself and then get attacked by a high-on-weed moose. Also, sometimes the comment of local people is asked on situations, but the local people's comments find themselves either very distorted or shortened by the station. Such as when Lianne says that people in Bone County have reported to have seen strange, inexplicable lights over the desert sky, a man comments that "Yes, he sure did", without any further details of the occurrence.