Waste Not Want Knots

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In this mission, Niko walks in on Packie joking with his sister and his two associates, whereupon Packie tells Niko that he got a tip about a lot of money being stored in a warehouse close to the docks, and that they are going to attempt to rob the warehouse. Niko joins them and drives them down to the warehouse. During the drive, Packie reveals to Niko the full plan: they are going to run in the front of the warehouse, wipe out anyone in their way, take the money, then run out back where a boat will be waiting for them near the docks. The plan gets carried out well up to the point where Niko steals the money, when Italian mobsters, who were also planning on stealing the money, come into the warehouse and start firing at Packie and his group. Packie, Niko and the rest make it out the back of the warehouse, where they swim for the boat and make a clean getaway.

Hints and Tips

-If Packie or any of his associates die, the mission is a failure.

-Packie tends to rush into battle too quickly and therefore gets killed fairly quickly. You should keep an eye on him and try to take out your enemies quickly to prevent this from happening.

-After Niko steals the money and the Italian mobsters come in, it is better to run away from them and out the back rather than trying to fight them all, as there is almost no cover and there is a lot of them

-As long as Packie is in the boat with you when you escape, the mission will be a success; the other two associates do not need to be in the boat. The mission will still fail if you are inside the warehouse and they die, but once you run outside the warehouse to the boat, it does not matter if they live or die.