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Weapons are at the forefront of all GTA games. Ranging from a fishing knife to rocket-propelled grenades to vibrators, there are many different weapons throughout the series. This article mainly concerns weapons in the GTA III era.

Weapon Skill

In GTA San Andreas, you can increase your skill for a particular weapon by practising, using the weapon either on a shooting range or on real targets. For each individual weapon you can achieve three skill-levels: Poor, Gangster and Hitman. On the Hitman skill level, you will be able to fire lighter weapons whilst walking, as well as being able to double-wield certain weapons (one in each hand).

Obtaining Weapons

Weapons can be obtained by three means. Firstly, a visit to Ammu-Nation will enable you to purchase certain weapons using your money, however not all weapons are available and the cost can be quite high. Secondly, you can kill an armed pedestrian, gang member or character and steal their weapon. Thirdly, once you have reached certain parts of games, such as obtaining a certain number of hidden packages, some weapons will spawn at your Safehouses.

There are several handguns in GTA games:

Weapon List

This is a list of weapons and weapon types in GTA III era games. Not all of them are available in all games. They are grouped by the weapon slots from GTA San Andreas.

Image Weapon Type Examples
Hand Fist, Brass Knuckles
100px Melee Baseball bat, katana, knife, shovel, golf club, pool cue, nightstick, chainsaw
100px Handguns Desert Eagle, .45, Python, Silenced pistol
100px Shotguns SPAS 12, Sawn-off shotgun
100px SMGs TEC-9, MP5, Micro MP5, MAC-10
100px Assault Rifles AK-47, M4
Rifles Country rifle, Sniper rifle
Artillery Rocket launcher, flamethrower, minigun, RPG
Thrown Grenades, Molotov cocktails, satchel bombs, tear gas (CS)
Tools Fire extinguisher, camera, spray paint
Gifts Flowers, cane, dildo, vibrator,
Apparel thermal goggles, night vision goggles, parachute