Weapons in The Ballad of Gay Tony

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The Ballad of Gay Tony introduced 7 weapons and the parachute. Weapons in GTA IV are still available in the game through various spawn points and underground gun shops but is unknown where will the new weapons be obtained.


Pistol .44

A new type of handgun. It is a high velocity handgun for quick and accurate kills.

Explosive Shotgun (AA-12)

The low recoil automatic shotgun blends the power of a full shotgun shell with rapid fire to take down multiple targets easily. Explosive shells turn this already powerful weapon into a gun that shreds vehicles in their tracks.

Gold SMG

A Gold Plated SMG, Yusuf Amir is usually seen carrying this weapon in Meet Yusuf Amir trailer.

Advanced MG (M249 Light Machine Gun or FN Minimi)

Firing at 900 rounds per minute, the Advanced MG takes targets down fast.

Advanced SMG (Belgian P90)

Light, compact and accurate, this machine gun is perfect for urban combat.

Advanced Sniper (DSR-1)

Greatly increased range, rate of fire and sniper zoom make this the ideal long range weapon.


Sticky Bombs

Tag vehicles or objects for remote detonation. Used in the mission Going Deep.

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