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Whokilledleonorajohnson.com is a website accessible in Grand Theft Auto V. The website, run by Jeff Campion, details the information surrounding the unsolved murder of Leonora Johnson in January 1975. Campion gave up his career as a photocopier salesman and has been divorced twice in his thirty-year campaign to find her killer. The website features a detailed biography of film starlet Leonora and details 'The Main Players' (having been sued for using the term 'suspects'). In 2013 the website is updated following a drunken statement by Ira Richards, grandson of film mogul and Richards Majestic founder David Richards, that his grandfather had received a confession letter.

'The Main Players'


  • The website reveals that Dreyfuss is Leonora's killer. The text (I've been through enough libel cases to know that I can't refer to them as "suspects" any more) is in a larger font on Dreyfuss' page than any of the other 'main players'.
  • The website also has a link to a Senora Beacon clipping from March 15, 1978 about the death of twenty-two year old Jolene Cranley-Evans on Mount Gordo in Blaine County with the suspected killer being her own husband John "Jock" Cranley. If the player goes to the top of Mount Gordo at midnight, they can see the ghost of Jolene.