Wong Side of the Tracks

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File:Wong Side of the Tracks misson passed.jpg
You will get $1500 after complete this mission

Wong Side of the Tracks is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is located at the Saint Marks L-Train Tracks station in Portland. In this mission you drive on the train tracks on a Sanchez being chased by The Wong Brothers, to complete this mission, you must pass through each checkpoint before time runs out. You will have 15 seconds to reach the first checkpoint, and you will receive 15 seconds of extra time for each checkpoint you pass.


You will get $1500 after complete this mission


  • Just like Wrong Side Of The Tracks in GTA:SA, this mission is one of the hardest in game. In SA, you had a certain time to kill everyone on board and steal the train. In LCS, you fall off the subway tracks all too often!