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In GTA IV wrecks appear in random places. They are simply ordinary cars that are old and rusty with bits missing


Take the Esperanto.

  • Speed-Medium
  • Weight-Medium
  • Looks-Medium
  • Control-Good

Take again, the Esperanto, this time in a wrecked format.

  • Speed-Medium
  • Weight-Low
  • Looks-Low
  • Control-Good

Also, when revving up the car, it may misfire, resulting in temporary reduced performance and a plume of Black smoke and a spark to fly out of the exhaust. wrecks usually take form as medium performance muscle cars. Pay 'N' Spray cannot fix the rust or damaged parts of the car. the message " That's the best I can do with this Wreck, appears at the bottom of the screen. The Life Expectancy of the car is greatly reduced.