Wrong is Right

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Niko meets his former lover, Michelle, outside an office building. She reveals that her name is actually Karen and she works for the government. Karen introduces Niko to her boss, a government agent addressed as "U.L. Paper". He has a job for Niko: eliminate Oleg Minkov.

First, Niko goes to Minkov's apartment in Hove Beach. He find a computer in the living room. Log on and read his e-mail. The top message is from a man named Vasily, who tells Minkov where to meet him. Get a car (preferable a fast car such as a police cruiser) and go to the meeting spot. Vasily and Minkov will sight Niko; the latter then tries to escape in his car.

Chase Minkov across Algonquin. At first, he tries to lose you in various side streets. Try your best to avoid these and stick to the main streets. Eventually, he will crash in West Middle Park, which will knock him out. If you can, pin his car against the wall and take him out with a hand grenade.