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Hello, fellow editors! I have almost completed cleaning up this category, but have left the clean-up tag for a reason: I have too limited knowledge of transportation in Liberty City throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, but feel the need to split Category:Transportation in Liberty City into its constituent parts, as defined by individual games, just as was done with Category:Transportation in GTA San Andreas and Category:Transportation in GTA Vice City. Of course, in cases where the locations in two separate games are the same, with the same components, the category can be a hybrid (e.g. what I'm planning to do with Category:Transportation in GTA Vice City, i.e. renaming it Category:Transportation in GTA Vice City/GTA Vice City Stories). However, such huge category names can be cumbersome, so any suggestions on how to partition and name categories would be greatly appreciated! EganioTalk 20:27, 11 June 2008 (UTC)