Clarence Little's Associate

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Clarence Little's Associate
Clarence's Associate hanging out at home

Clarence's Associate hanging out at home
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Clarence Little's Associate


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Liberty City
Date of Death 2008
Nationality American
Home Liberty City
Family Shaniqua (girlfriend)
Main Affiliations East Holland Drug Gang
Businesses Drug dealing

Clarence Little's Associate is the unnamed associate of Clarence Little. He is killed by Niko Bellic in the mission Lure on orders of Deputy Commissioner Francis McReary. He is sniped through his apartment window.

Mission appearance



  • There are a few ways the player can lure the Associate in view of his window. Niko can either shoot his satellite, or his television directly, both of which will make him get up to check the TV. The player can also zoom in on his phone to see his number, and upon calling the Associate will answer the phone (in view of the window) and automatically assumes it's his girlfriend.
  • The Associate mentions to (who he thinks is his girlfriend) that "5-0 is trying to kill me!"
  • The Associate's phone number is 545-555-0122.