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could it be possible that all gta games are set in the same universe? User:Lozzy94

no, rock* have declared officially that GTA III, vice city, san andreas and the stories versions are not realated to the gta iv universe. although there are easter eggs in GTA IV relating to previous games, as well as in the internet cafe ([email protected]) in GTA III there are screenshots of GTA 2 on some of the monitors. --GTAddict 18:10, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

i mean forget what rock star say could it be possible.

Liberty City: i know there will always be the D***head who will say what about libery city well i can explain that , liberty city in gta 1 and shoreside valley is the main land ,thats probably where that road leads to and then the rest of liberty city in gta 3 and liberty city in gta 4 are just islands off the coast. Because if you think about it even Liberty City in gta 4 is too small to be a real city but all three of those then you got yourself a capital of the world. User:Lozzy94

Vice City: Same thing with Liberty City. vice city in gta 1 is the main land and vice city in gta 3 are islands off the coast. i guess we will have to wait till a new vice city game to see how that will fit in.

San Andreas: this one is a little harder but san andreas in gta 1 is the capital of the state of San Andreas, kind of like New york is a city in the state of new york.

i agree the liberty citys are all the same they're just different parts of liberty city