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I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I have 2 other friends on Xbox Live who think this is an interesting idea, and was wondering in anyone on here was intrigued by this idea.

Okay, so you have two teams, which it would be best to have teams where the team members know each other so as to avoid any confusion. You set the free roam options to: Liberty City, Weapons Standard or Powerful, Traffic and pedestrians medium or high, Police off (could be on), Auto aim doesn't matter, Reticule health on or off, Respawn distance far, time of day and weather random/variable.

The idea is that two teams of 3 (or more) each have their own base somewhere in Liberty City, like an enterable building or even something like Middle Park, and both teams have to defend their own base while attacking the other team's one, and once you die, you can't join the battle until it is won or lost. If your team loses a base, then you all have to get into a four door car or all take separate cars to go to another enterable building or useable base anywhere else on the map, while the other team is peppering them with gunfire. We could have set bases for each team, so that they have to retreat to them and eventually they have a main base where they make a final stand and if they lose that then they have lost, or you could just keep moving around the city going through all the enterable buildings. If you were to use the former, maybe one team's main base could be in Alderney while the other team's could be in Broker, and Algonquin is contested ground. It does sound like Turf War, but I reckon it could be a lot more strategic, as you would need to work as a team to protect your base and to attack the opponent's. Hell, you could even have large teams and have constant garrisons in each base or even barricades on the bridges to stop assaults across the bridges. So if anybody is interested in this concept, leave a post here, or send a message to my gamertag: SamFisherJr007 (don't ask.)

Sorry, Xbox 360 only. :( --AtomicLlama 12:26, 14 October 2010 (BST)