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What Happened to Claude?

I have a theory about Claude's outfit being in PBX's wardrobe.It's far-fetched but worth a good read.-User:HuangLee

My theory is that Claude had to hide form the Leones and he fled to Alderney for several years.After about five years He came back only to realize he was no longer a wanted man.Seeing as he abandoned everything he had to do some work.That's where PBX came into the picture.PBX discovered he cost too much and whacked him in his apartment.He stripped him of money and clothing and presumed him dead.Claude narrowly escapes(Or maybe did die) and this would perfectly explain his outfit in PBX's house.-User:HuangLee

That's good fan fiction. Even if R* did make it so Playboy kills Claude the Alderney thing seems that if you got it right you're one of them, because no one could guess something like that AND get it right. The other thing is that two completely different Liberty City's Claude doesn't exist in GTA IV and Alderney doesn't exist in the same world as Claude. Maybe there are two Liberty City's, Claude booked a flight to Liberty City (wanting his one) and ended up in the wrong one, I don't know. But I like how you thought about that. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 00:36, 5 December 2008 (UTC)
Maybe Claude fled off to what was essentially Alderney but since it was a different era it probably had a different name.I think this will be explained in the second DLC episode.Nevertheless,this will be explained eventually.I'm sure.-User:HuangLee
No! NOTHING needs to be explained. It ALREADY has been explained that GTA IV is in a different era and GTA III era people/places don't exist! This is fan fiction and IS a bit of fun, but there is no way that Claude can be officially explained in the same sentence as something from GTA IV (eg. Alderney).
What?!Who are you?Atleast,Sign your name!!-HuangLee

Tough Love

I also theorize that Donald Love may be involved.Hence his disappearance.Through how I don't know how...-User:HuangLee

Donald Love was supposed to be killed by Claude in GTA III (see the bottom of Claude) but R* took it out for an unknown reason and hence he disappears instead. Yet, another good fan fiction, and if you want to incorporate official info (which just mentioned), maybe he disappeared because he heard that someone was going to get Claude to kill him, and then he came back and killed Claude instead?Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 00:36, 5 December 2008 (UTC)
He disappeared with no explanation.I know Donald Love is a real freak(What with Cannibalism and Necrophilia) so he must be involved in some way.Maybe he was involved with PBX.Think about it.PBX was trying to improve the towns by getting rid of the Ghetto-esque neighborhoods.Donald Love owns Love Media.Maybe Love Media sells real estate.High prices for real estate=well controlled cities.It's just a mission to clean the streets.-User:HuangLee

i think that donald needed to hide from the Cartel because the Cartel found out he was behind Kenji's death and Miguel's kidnapping so he fled to Flint County with his friend User:Postmanpat

That is also feasible.I like the idea.-HuangLee you mean my fan fiction about love's dissapearance Postman pat


Keep up the good fan fiction! Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 00:36, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Playboy's betrayal

I believe that after the events of GTA III Claude moved to Algonquin for new "job" oppurtunities for Playboy X.So Playboy X has already heard of Claude (Of course) and asked him to do favors,such as killing guys who were trying to break Dwayne Forge out of jail,and maybee tried to expand his gang in Vice City,Los Santos, and the GTA III Liberty City but people like Tommy Vercetti,Carl Johnson,and Toni Cipriani weren't letting him so he orderd Claude to kill all the old protagonist (that could explain the R.I.P Carl or well miss you Tommy writings on the wall.)After a while Playboy starts worrying that Claude might turn on him so orderd a massive army of his gang to kill Claude,wich leads to a shootout and Claude kills them all but Playboy.So finally Claude and PBX face off and Playboy shoots Claude in the head not damaging Claude's uniform and so he decides to keep it as a trophy.Thats what I think happend.User:BloodyGTA

Yet another good fan fiction! One thing though, how do you explain two Libety City's? Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 07:50, 24 December 2008 (UTC)
What if the GTA III Liberty City was in Alderney and the city coincedently had the same name as the state of Liberty City in GTA IV?User:BloodyGTA
Nah,never mind the Liberty City in Alderney.I got another explanation.What if the GTA III Liberty City is in the GTA IV Liberty City but Niko or Claude cant visit the other part of Liberty City.Marcel Lopes 17:48, 25 December 2008 (UTC)User:BloodyGTA December 25,2008 12:48
I dont think that PBX knew claude at that time PBX is busy at drug dealing at time and he was about 14+yrs.old so he did not manage to kill claude because claude is much stronger than him. user:repel05

Claude and the Liberty City's

I think that the Liberty City that appears in GTAIV was intended to be the same as the one from the GTA3 Era's. Although this is not evident because the two cities look drastically different. One distinct feature which is beleived to be Salvatore's Mansion is found in the northern most part of Alderney, and another is the Francis International Airport(same name in GTA3, GTAIV, and Chinatown Wars). I also think that since the events of GTAIV take place closer to our time(this is evident from the game's cars), the older GTA3 Liberty City has maybe grown in size. I think that R* just decided that certain characters(such as protagonist from previous games) should be absent in the GTAIV rendition of Libery City, maybe because the game needed new characters or maybe R* did not feel like developing existing characters from the GTA3 era. To me , the PBX theory makes total sense, although PBX, even when met in GTAIV, is still quite Small Time and Claude(throughout GTA3) usually takes jobs from characters that hold some sort of authority. -User:ZippyIS3

well maybe in the time between GTA III and GTA IV they built the new part of liberty city--Coop804 19:19, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

many of you may not know this but Claude was actually killed in gta2.

Here's a thought....maybe Playboy shopped at the same stores and bought his own outfit. Does someone always have 2 kill someone 2 get their clothes cause I think it would be fun 2 see Niko in 1 of those skeleton hoodies you see random peds wearing. - kriminal

Maybe claude finally started getting slow in his age, i mean it has been like what 16 years after GTA III ,so maybe they did build new parts of the city, so maybe Claudes contacts couldnt use him anymore, knowing the the police have an accurate search on him, because of his clothes, so he left them there in that closet. course thats my opinion--Linkmaster420 00:08, 4 August 2009 (UTC)

I think its both the same liberty city and maybe the gta3 liberty was blown up by terrorists and thats why the bridges were closed in gta4