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Mickey the Bartender Most GTA4 fans would remember Mickey who was the bartender Comrades Bar in Broker. He was last seen in the mission 'Uncle Vlad' going about his usual duties as a barman. In this short cutscene he is about to serve an intoxicated Vlad Glebov just moments before Niko confronts the slobbish loan shark. After this cutscene, the player is able to shoot Mickey who is crouched behind the bar. Either way the storyline won't be effected. Maybe Mickie was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But that's irrelevant aswell. Comrades Bar isn't used for any cutscenes after the 'Uncle Vlad' mission, let alone Mickey not making any more appearences in the game (not even as a Random Character)....

The point I'm trying to make here is this. Could Mickey possibly be a good protagonist?

I think he could

I came up with this scenario set 1 year after the events of GTA4. This is how the introduction goes.Mickey has since taken control of Comrades Bar following the 'disappearence' of Vlad Glebov. He has employed Mel (former drunk from GTA4) as the barman while he looks after the business side of things. Mickey struggles desperately to do these things. In GTA4 Vlad managed to run the place with an iron fist despite not giving any hint that he actually owned the place. But Mel on the otherhand proves to be very good at his job as barman and is very popular with the customers (despite being a non-drinker). Because of this Mickey decides to resign from his position as owner of Comrades and therefore handing it over to Mel. Mel in return is forever grateful and as a token of his appreciation he insists that at Mickey get at least have of the shares. He also says he will turn Comrades into the best bar in Liberty City.

Later in the intro, Mickey goes on an evening stroll along Firefly Boardwalk on his own. He then takes a look at the ocean through the binoculars. He sees something floating on the shores. He goes onto the beach and up to the floating object. It's a skeleton dressed in a turquoise coat and it's skull has a bullet hole in it. The skeleton of Vlad Glebov. It takes Mickey only a few seconds to make out whose skeleton it is. He is freaked out by this discovery. He then cautiously drags the skeleton out of the water.

Then a tearful Mickey is shown in the bathroom of his home in the Beachgate Community stripping Vlad's corpse of it's jacket and washing all the murky water off of it. He then calls Mel on the phone, telling him to come over immediately. Mel arrives, good humoured as usual but is soon screaming his head off hysterically at the horrendous skeleton in the bathtub and then also driven to tears when he's made aware of Vlad's turquoise coat beside it. An hysterical Mel insists that the police be informed at once. Mickey, in a stern manner says that none of this is to be informed and threatens to have Mel removed as owner of Comrades if he does.

Mickey decides the best option is to cremate Vlad's skeleton and then scatter the ashes at sea. In the back garden both Mel and Mickey quickly but efficiently burn Vlad's skeleton and then drive out to sea on Mickey's speed boat where they scatter the ashes and then have a toast to Vlad with bottles of Cherinkov. After this both men are feeling more relaxed and get drunk and start dancing to music.

The next day they return back to Mickey's house where Mel is asked to dispose of Vlad's coat which is still hanging up in the bathroom. As Mel is about to throw it in the garbage can outside. A slip of paper falls out of one of the pockets. Mel picks it up and is amazed. It's a cheque for $100,000. Mickey asks what's that he's holding. Mel replys that its a blank piece of paper and that it's nothing. Mickey asks Mel to show him anyway. Mel insists that it's nothing. Mickey reminds Mel of the conversation they had the night before. Mel is slightly irritated with Mickey's stubborn commands at this point but reluctantly hands it over. Mickey grins at the juicy cheque and then pockets it. Mel demands that he return the cheque to him at once stating that he found it first. Mickey refuses who deliberatly insults Mel by stating that if he does that Mel is going waste it on alcohol. Mel's patience wears thin. Mickey then says that Vlad depised Mel who claimed Mel was the reason Comrades wasn't attracting customers. Mel although beginning to snap counters this absurd claim by saying Vlad was a 'fat obnoxious bastard who couldn't run a marathon let alone run a bar' and treated others (including Mel) like 'the dirt under his sweaty flabby armpits'. Micky is infuriated by this uncalled for comment about his former boss and tackles Mel into a wall. The two brawl and tustle for a bit when suddenly Mel headbutts Micky in the face, knocking him to the ground. Mel then punches Micky three times in the face, breaking his nose on the third punch. He then kicks Mickey's head in, giving him a concussion. He then grabs the cheque from Mickey's hand and walks out leaving Mickey bloodied and traumatized on the kitchen floor. Mel then makes his exit.

To be Continued.....


HarveyH92 19:40, March 21, 2010 (UTC)

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Thats a really good fan fic! there are 3 problems though with Micky being protagonist;

  1. He is old. he looks about 60 - 65.
  2. He is fat. unless they get the weight system from GTASA, I doubt it
  3. He doesn't seem to be the hitman type. In fact it would be stranger than Brucie being protagonist.

however, for you story, I say Mel sounds like a better protagonist. He is young, (looks) fit enough, and I kind of like the idea of a ex-drunk who has to man up and pay off his debts and such. think Roman without Niko. Micky could turn into this sort of mafia boss if he is antagonist. Delo19xcrowbarx 06:43, July 25, 2010 (UTC)