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Setting The game should be set in an almost completely identical San Andreas in 2012 (20 years after the events of GTA San Andreas). The towns, cities and countires (Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro) haven't changed one bit. I do think Rockstar are capable of recreating San Andreas as it was in GTA Sandreas. Just modernising the place a bit. Modify the towns but keeping the place fairly untouchable aswell .�There are some changes though.

- Pizza Stack is out of business in San Andreas. All of the outlets are derelict but accessible to the player. The interiors are overgrown with plants, weeds and small animals

- C.R.A.S.H isn't around anymore.

- A street in Ganton, near Grove Street is named Tenpenny Drive.

- Grove Street and Ballas aren't active as rival gangs anymore.

- A good few bungalows in Ganton have swimming pools (some for sale).

- There is a deserted and boarded up zoo in San Fierro that closed due to unsuccessful taming of animals. Inside there are deranged lions, polar bears, crocodiles and zebras.

- The military base in Ocean Docks is shut down and there are two deranged grizzly bears inside who inhabit the place. The base sut down for that reason only

- Madd Dogg's mansion is deserted, his two swimming pools are full of seaweed and fish. The interior is also overgorwn with plants and grass and his recording studio is broken up a bit.

---Grove St. and Ballas ShOULD still be around along with new hispanic gangs modeled after real ones like 18th St., MS-13, Avenues, etc. , there should be Asian street gangs,outlaw motorcycle clubs that battle(based on Hells Angels and Mongols) and even small white skinhead/punk gangs in certain areas. Also, your character, when arrested, should actually go to a county jail, have a trial, build a criminal record, and depending on what they're convicted on, go to prison (like Pelican Bay) ruled by prison gangs based on the Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, etc. i think prison riots would be really intense. Prison would add a whole new element to the game.. and you could control your gang underlings outside the prison to do what you want through letters that make you control them temporarily so you can do crimes on the street.

HarveyH92 21:59, February 1, 2010 (UTC)

thats actually a good idea User:Lozzy94

Why so many deranged animals? Theres no animals to please animal rights activists (its ok to kill people but not animals apparantly...) User:Trivs Tom

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first off the animals can be killed and secondly theres a side to that part of the game which I havent explained yet but will do soon HarveyH92 17:29, February 5, 2010 (UTC)

the prison idea sounds good aswell. the player could also escape maybe?

GTa 4 prequel!!.

I hope R* will put animals in the next GTA. Even the comedian Katt Williams talks about the fact that he has never seen any animals in Liberty City... (Ah wait, there are pidgeons and cockroaches in IV!). I totally agree with HarveyH92 that the game should be set in SA again, but I think the gang war was one of the most important things in GTA:SA and they should put it in the next game (if it is in SA). Maybe there is peace at the beginning of the game, but over the course of the storyline, the gangs begin to fight each other again. I heard R* will present GTA V at the E3 in june of 2010. -- Whagwan