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There should be wildlife in this new GTA. Bears roaming the woods of Flint County and Red County, Sharks and turtles on the beaches, deers roaming just outside those hick towns and a zoo in Flint County with crocodiles, lions and zebras. The military base in Ocean Docks is closed and inhabited by two deranged polar bears. Those farms should also have cows and sheep.

My suggestion is mainly this

1. The player be able to shoot these animals dead and sell them for meat (health) or their skin (more clothing for player?)

2. Be able to tame these animals in a few ways. Shoot them with tranquillizers or wrestle them to the ground(player will need to learn wrestling moves at the gym), automatically taming them.

3. Be able to have these animals as pets. You can use them as transport by riding on their backs (it would be cool to cruise down the streets of Los Santos on a bear). You can use them for protection and while on top of them make them attack and kill civillians. And if a situation arises that the police get alerted, the animals can get body armour. If they're sea creatures or reptiles you can ride underwater on top of them for a limited time only and can also give them body armour.

4. These animals should be catagorized. Ones that are useful for protection and transport, others for meat and skin.

5. If the animal gets killed while out with the player, it gets sent to a vetinary and is 'out of action' for a couple of days (game time).

6. You can keep up to three animals depending on how many safehouses you own.

7. You can your animals for large amounts of money or kill them.