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GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

Hi, when I use the intetnet in GTA IV the picture is all messed up; the pictures are all blurred, and alot of the text and general layout of the page has been chopped up and pixelated. Strangely enough, most of the important text is actually readable, which actually led me to think for a while that this was how it was meant to look. But looking at pictures online has taught me this is not the case.

I have a 32-bit Vista, 2GBs of RAM, and an ATI X1950Pro GPU, with an AMD X2 CPU. So my system IS a little under the recommended specs, and I do have to play with the graphics settings turned down a bit, and still the picture often goes a bit screwy (openings seeming to be covered, roads extending out into the air etc.) Most of this isn't much of a problem and I can live with it, and accept that it's a result of having an out-dated build, but the internet problem seems like something that should be able to be fixed. I've looked to see if I could find anyone else describing this problem but had no luck.

So, can anyone tell me how to solve this, or at least give some helpful hints? I could post a screenshot if that would help, but I doubt it would. Thanks