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Ok the original Vice City was Based on Carlito's Wasy,Scarface,and Miami Vice. Did you ever think that a modern day Vice City Could be based on the hit TV show Burn Notice if you have not seen the show click the link Tell me what you guys think PLEASE!--Roman bellic 02:54, 8 April 2009 (UTC)

Carlito's WASY! YEAH! Anyhow, I could see GTA: Burn Notice. The protagonist is on the run from or gets set up by the law and does missions from various employer until he gets to bottom of what happened. I'd buy it. BUY IT TWICE, but not thrice. User:TommygunAl
Yeah I'm wishing Vice City to come back. Check my videos for Vice City Chronicles!!(invented name) the videos contain a storyline but more importantly has WEAPONS that would be cool to have if the game was set around 2007-2011 CHECK IT OUT to get ya pumped :P nice story idea by the way.
Vice City Chronicles Weapons(MUST WATCH):
Vice City chronicles Story (my idea):