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These ideas just popped out of the sky.

1. Ken Rosenberg from GTA San Andreas had a falling out with Madd Dogg sometime in the mid 90s over production related issues on one of his LPs (it maybe one of the reasons Madd Dogg's Vinewood mansion is deserted). Rosenberg decided to leave the music industry and return to his old career as a lawyer. He is also now a born again christian. Perhaps this could be the return of an old character?

2. OG Loc finally admitted sometime after the events of GTA San Andreas that he has no talent as a rapper and never will. But has discovered a new talent for writing lyrics. He's found some success in doing so.

3. The introduction of this game should be similiar in layout to GTA San Andreas. It shows some events in Liberty City and some events in San Andreas.

4. This game also has a star line up doing the voiceovers again like in GTA San Andreas.

HarveyH92 17:06, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

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