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I wonder (generally speaking) if Giorgio is alive? I don't think so because

-The Forelli's have been crushed in Liberty City, they are toast. But he could be hide there because Sal is dead, or he could have been the corpse in the car that was taken to the crusher. The Forelli's don't exist at the end of Vice City due to Sonny's death. The only family running the mafia casino could the Sindacco's, but that's up for debate..

Sonny is dead, Franco and Marco have to be dead, "Lips" is in pieces.. I think Giorgio is dead. But what do you guys think?

I always thought Giorgio was the Forelli member that was killed in Freefall in GTA:San Andreas. Since Tommy Vercetti killed Sonny and Giorgio was his cousin so he took Sonny's place as boss. Who were those guys who were with Sonny Forelli in St. Marc's Bistro during the beginning of GTA: Vice City or is it best to just assume that's just Giogio and Franco? P.S. Who's Marco? User:TommygunAl

There's 5 Forelli's an none are named.. Marco was the unnamed Forelli killed in the Saint Mark's Bistro mission. They took out the sound, but in the text file the name reads Marco..