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there has been a lot of talk about a new grand theft auto game being in vice city , if so then what type of stuff would you like to have in it. User:Lozzy94

i would like to see the following:

  • bring back empire building
  • story line revolves around other gta 4 games
  • friends and girlfriends
  • mini games that are water sports such as jet sking
  • why not bring back a character from the gta 3 era , you now just for a reunion. User:Lozzy94


  • make something similar to how there was liberty city then alderney but make it like country with all farms and rednecks.

I'd more or less like it to be in San Andrea's, but seeing as that probably isn't going to happen until AFTER vice city, then why not include these?

destructible buildings (don't deny it, you'd like to see it too, no matter how homicidal! :P) water sports like jet ski's, surfing, etc. bring back planes, even if they only make ONE variant (like in GTA III, the dodo). include ACTUAL comedians when they use their names (because I was watching 'Ricky Gervais' in the comedy club, and that clearly ISN'T his voice). maybe keep Niko as the protagonist, or another character, because he is TOO cool to drop.

and hey, didn't Rockstar say they were going to do something similar as to when they did 'GTA London'? think about that... --GTAddict 18:21, January 12, 2010 (UTC)

when did they say this , and that would be pretty cool destructible buildings , but only if it goes back to normal after. User:Lozzy94

yeah, I'm not too sure on the full details but I think I heard (my teacher) say that R* were gonna do something like that again.GTAddict 17:00, January 13, 2010 (UTC)

If they decide to give Vice City the next GTA i really do hope it'll show the return of characters from the previous games

i think Claude Speed should be the protagonist , why not because his already been in two other era's and it would prove that claude is claude speed. Story: claude speed and Playboy X are in vice city (1999 to 2000) and are running away from there past and create an empire that will make a very big drug war within vice city. User:Lozzy94

im trying to think but i dont think there is any way that its impossible for there to be Playboy X in Vice City within 1999 to 2000. User:Lozzy94

another possible Protagonist could be Sammy Bottino ( gravellis right hand man that is never seen in the game) .because the other day i was looking threw the police data base for clues and found him having criminal records in vice city in 80s. remember hung lee was on the police data base and wasnt in gta 4 but then was the protoganist in china town wars , plus sam has the criminal in the 80s which vice city games are based in , think about it it all fits in. User:Lozzy94

More ideas:

  • chose the color u want to change your car when you get it sprayed.
  • arcade games.
  • if you have gta iv installed on your console , you can visit liberty city via the airport and visa versa. User:Lozzy94

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