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GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

I think Lopez is gonna be the next DLC protagonist,considering the circumstances and similiarities etc.What do you people think? HuangLee 01:17, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Gordon Sargent

I had always imagined Gordon Sargent as the new protagonist for the second DLC.First of all he surrived a shootout between him,Packie,and Niko and The Ancelotti Family.Plus he also watched out for Gracie Ancelotti when they kidnapped her.He would be cool as the protagonist but if he isn't Luis would be my second choice.-User:BloodyGTA

Theres this ex-Israeli operative called Rami Yalon on the police database. He works for Kenny Petrovic and he killed a man with the guy's severed leg. I'd like to play him, but he was never arrested for Grand Theft Auto so he may not be used. I'm putting my money on L.F. Lopez, Gordon Sargent, or Joe DiLeo. User:TommygunAl

I think it'll be Lopez. After all, Museum Piece is the only mission where Niko, Johnny and Lopez are all together, and the achievement for it is called Impossible Trinity. Seems like R* dropped a pretty big hint to me. Anyway, that's just my opinion. Broeman 14:58, 2 March 2009 (UTC)

Johnny was a different character in GTA IV. He had two substantial appearances and his story was slightly developed, but it never went past that. This hinted at his later role. Luis is a bit similar, appearing thrice in the game, with two of them showing protagonistic traits (his appearance in Museum Piece\Collector's Item, and the one in Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend. He also got a bit of off-track exposition during Diamonds in the Rough when Gay Tony made some remark about him being up all night with some bitch. I think this all shows he's likely to be the next protagonist of the game. Along with that, he appears in during the credits of TLAD escaping on the roof of the museum while Johnny escapes by bike, and Niko by car.

My final piece of evidence is Bulgarin's dialogue in Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend. He mentions Gay Tony stealing 'his' diamonds and refers to Luis as well, calling him Tony's "Dominican Bitch." This could mean Bulgarin is a major player in the next DLC, perhaps even the antagonist. Who knows, maybe Luis kills him, instead of Dimitri as is theorized. There's definitely enough for a decent plot: Luis is a member of the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers, of which I believe Teddy Benavidez is a part of. This could make Teddy a major player as well, before now, he was just a one mission target. There was no option to spare him and he'd come back later as there was with Ivan and Clarence, so his role was unusual, maybe this was intended so you'd have someone you recognize in the next DLC. Playboy is also a Northwood resident, so there might be some missions for him. Maybe R* will set up something cool where you can go off one of your GTAIV profiles and it will know who you decided to kill from him or Dwayne. And of course, you'd have more insight into Bulgarin, who, despite being a major problem for Niko, is barely present in the game. I'm sure many people want to know what he was up to, and, more importantly, how he died. User:KlebitzFan 20:09, 4 March 2009

I think Luis is going to have some missions from Boccino. Think about it. Teddy and Ray were allies before Ray had him killed, so maybe Teddy shows good will to Boccino by having Luis do some work for Ray until Teddy decides he doesn't want to be parners and Niko has to kill him. And I think the most insight your gonna get on Bulgarin was from Niko's story, since Luis and Gay Tony didn't have anything direct to do with Bulgarin.User:TommygunAl

Bulgarin mentions Tony and Lopez as saying they stole his diamonds, so I'm not sure. Also, one thing I've noticed is that both Niko and Johnny's profiles on the LCPD database list one of their crimes as Grand Theft Auto (It's Niko's only one). It is the name of the game series and Lopez has it in his entry as well.

I think it would be Lopez because Johnny was connected to many people in the original GTA 4 game and Lopez works for Gay Tony who works for The Ancelotti Family. He is also refered to in one of the games as a hard man much like Johnny and Niko.

Lopez also seems to have sense and knows when it is the correct time to go guns ablazing. I also think he's either very loyal to Gay Tony or doesn't like it when people screw him, because he shot Mori Green on sight in Muesuem Piece/Collector's Item because he had the diamonds.