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Forums GTA List of things that could get you wanted

This is a list of things that could get you a one star wanted level.

  • Grand theft auto
  • Lightly brushing a cop with your car
  • Tripping a cop, accidentaly or otherwise.
  • Doing any sort of damage (even a scratch) to a police vehicle. (Wreckless driving)
  • Hitting a car too much with your car. (Damage to vehicle)
  • Setting ANYTHING on fire. (Burn victims, attack on a vehicle) (even if it's not a vehicle)
  • Firearms discharge. (Even shooting the ground)
  • Any sort of murder or running over a pedestrian. (assualt)
  • Getting on a subway train at the airport. (I think this one's a glitch but it's happened to me twice)
  • Pushing a cop too much.
  • Self Defense

And of course, the wanted up cheat.

You can also get a 1-star wanted level by hopping on top of a police car. I hate it because you can hop on other cars and not even make the driver mad.