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GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

Okay, so, I got to thinking about a few of the missions that Luis appears in. Like, you remember Three Leaf Clover? At first, I thought this would be an introductory mission, where Luis would just be a helpless civilian. After playing through the mission so many times,I finally realized what could happen. When Niko comes out of the vault, he states that he couldn't get all of the money, since Michael had been killed. Packie tells him to forget it so they can just get out of there. I think that the mission would have Luis getting up, and going down to get the rest of the money. In Diamonds in the Rough, it's pretty much obvious he will just kill all of the bikers, and then go after Johnny, only to find Evan dead. Museum Piece really confused me. I know he'll have to attack the guys, but I don't exactly understand why he was on the roof firing down at Isaac in the credits of The Lost and the Damned. Maybe it was to Scare him away so he could jump down and get the diamonds from Mori. His will probably be the easiest, since Niko killed all of the workers at the bottom, and Johnny finished off any others. In diamonds are a girl's best friend, I know he will have to drive Tony and Gracie. At first, I thought he would go an kill Ray, but after seeing the trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony, I got to thinking that maybe it was just a set up planned by both parties to kill Niko. So, what do you guys think will happen?--Le Rusecue 23:00, September 26, 2009 (UTC)

About the Bulgarin thing, he might just have worked for him, and Bulgarin eventually gets the diamonds, and Luis robs them from Bulgarin and gives them to Gay Tony. Then, Bulgarin hunts the two down and then Bulgarin might indeed get killed by Luis. Master Sima Yi 19:06, October 11, 2009 (UTC)