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I am giving a daily quiz. The person who gets the most points will be put on the leader board.

Here is how points work.

Each question has a number of points based on how hard it is. Easy:5 Medium:10 Hard:15 Impossible:20

Bonus Points (Only applies if answer is right):

First person to answer the question gets an extra 5 points,and the rest 0 points. Remember, you can get extra points if someone else already answered!

This question can only be answer this week.


86Vercetti 50 points

PackieVercetti 45 points

CJ 40 points

BloodyGTA 15 points

Biggest gta fan ever 15 points

Last Question's Answer:

The Babylon Gang in GTA 1 is really what?

American government

GTA Quiz Championship

CJ: 9

PackieVercetti: 7

86Vercetti: 7

Thanks for everyone for particpating. The official winner is CJ.

The Question


Name all the families in the Commission.